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1) Smexy wolf. 2) Commonly found in Runescape, spends most of its time killing various creatures for funz. Likes gathering lots of money.
I wish I were l33t like Gammawolf.
by Gammawolf October 24, 2008
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Edit to the definition below;

Gammawolf is a supposed 'RuneScape' player that hacks others because he has no skill what so ever in the game itself. any money he has collect is stolen and all his skills are trained by dirty money. this person has no real life outside the pixels of RuneScape, he lives in his mother basement, leeches off her and the government, and has to regularly listen to his mothers sex screams as she brings a new man to the house every week. he does not know his father, has been deprived of any love and has no emotion. you should pity this pathetic excuse for a human being.
person 1: who the fuck is playing that character he sucks ass?!

person 2: probably gammawolf.
by gammawolfsucks September 12, 2010
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