Someone who's entire purpose in life is to min-max out the perfect performance and win at all costs at whatever video game they're playing. Takes priority over all other considerations.

Gives the impression they don't even care or are even aware of any other aspects of the game, beyond playing it like a calculator or spreadsheet. "Try Hards" only care about the ends, not the means. For example, if that requires them to build an "I win!" character and spam one move over and over and over and over again, that's what they'll do if it gets them the almighty results of "winning."

Probably a compensation for real-life lack of fulfillment. Also results in overly defensive definitions listed on this website for 'Try Hard' by would-be gaming Try Hards.
"That Gaming Try Hard raid-leader called me a nub because I didn't use this or that ability at the exact perfect micro-second of the boss fight!!!"

"LOL that Gaming Try Hard sent me a PM during PvP and said "Git gud, scrub. I just beat you!" (But they failed to mention they use a FOTM EZ mode toon, spamming 2 moves over and over and over)
by Too Many Drones February 17, 2019
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