This is when you lack the motivation to play any game. It doesn't matter what or how the games is.
I had a gamers block the other day and couldn't find the motivation to play anything.
by KuraudoSutoraifu February 9, 2011
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a condition in which a gamer longs to play a game, but upon sitting at their set up they find themselves staring at the only the screen. They look through their available games, lusting for something to engage in, but ultimately find nothing. They are stuck hopelessly fishing in the vast ocean of content, unable to make a catch. The curse of the gamer, if you will.
"I've been sifting through my games for the past thirty minutes and haven't opened a single application. Guess I'm going through some gamer's block."

"I just looked around for a new game, realized I didn't want a new game, opened up one I already have, stared at the menu for a few minutes, and closed the game. I'm back at square one. I've got a serious case of gamer's block."
by byeahbyeah May 27, 2020
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the feeling gamers get when they are stuck on a very hard level or impossible puzzle. usually results in gamer quitting for a few days until he cheats or reaches an epiphany.
person 1: Screw this game; i have been stuck on this level forever. i am never going to play it again
person 2: calm down you just have a case of gamer's block.
by moo12 August 21, 2010
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When a member in the party decides to join in on the game with the group when nobody in the group wants them to. Ultimately the group decides against playing the said game.
The other day, Ramzfan914 decided to be a gamers cock block and tried to play the same game with us. We decided to switch to a game that Ramzfan914 didn't have.
by KuraudoSutoraifu February 9, 2011
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