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There are two ways to classify gamers, by time and genre.

Time: The basic and easy to define archetype.

Casual: These gamers often log less than 20 hours of play time a week

Core: The bulk of gamers, the play usually between 20-30 hours a week

Hardcore: These gamers manage to log 30-40+ hours a week. I fit into this genre.

-SubCore: Gamers that would be hardcore, but are restricted on time, because of parental/girlfriend/boyfriend interference.

Lead: These are the gamers you see at the top of the leaderboards, and statistically, for most games, these people work less than 20 hours a week. for most games this is the line you don't want to cross.
Which gamer archetype describes you?
by Novam the whitemage October 04, 2009
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Genre: An interesting and harder to define archetype.

Recreational: These gamers will dabble in some games of most genres and are usually grouped with casual gamers.
Strategist: Gamers who prefer strategy games, which usually involve any game genre with acronyms.

Trolls: These gamers may or may not be good, but usually hang around FPS's to talk shit about how they are better than you, and have sex with your mom while they t-bag you. Similar to forum trolls you only win if you ignore them

Sport: Obviously the gamers who play mostly to only sport games

-Racing: A sub type of sports

-Fighting: Another major sub type of sports

Fantasy: Gamers in everything fantasy. Usually only pertains to RPGs and adventure games.

Loyal: Gamers that remain loyal to specific developers and shun others. Usually a prefix to another genre.


-FPS: First person shooters, People who almost exclusively play FPS's

-TPS: Third person shooters, like FPS people who almost exclusively play TPS's

Puzzle: A rare type of gamer who enjoys mostly puzzle games.

Action/adventure: People who like mostly action adventure

-Hack n' Slash: Another rare type which is a joint between Action and Fighting
Can you find your gamer archetype yet?
by Novam the whitemage October 05, 2009
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