When your wrist becomes sore from holding of video game controllers brought on by playing video games during most of your waking hours for several days straight. Signs of Gamer's Wrist are pain in outer-wrist joint while moving, grabbing or lifting and loss of strength. Usually mistaken for or stereotyped as Masturbator's Cramp which is entirely different or carpal tunnel syndrome which is a pain and stiffness on the inside of the hand caused by online games.

Especially severe in games which require a lot of clicking and tapping of buttons. Takes around 3 to 9 days to completely heal with moderate gaming. Gaming for more than 3 hours a day during may prolong the healing process. Treat with tiger balm or mineral ice type remedies. A wrist bandage may help but will increase stiffness if kept on overnight.
"ugh...my wrist."

"Been Masturbating?

"No, it's Gamer's Wrist."
by DesPERRYado April 21, 2005
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A condition most commonly associated with PC Gamers after long hours of grinding. Also another word for Carpel Tunnel.
Kyle- Damn, my wrist hurts from grinding all day on RuneScape.

Jeff- I think you might've gotten a case of Gamer Wrist.
by SomeGuyOnHisPC August 04, 2019
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Gamers wrist, a medical term to describe pain in the wrist from long hours of gaming, holding controllers and swiping your mouse left to right on whatever game you can. It’s like athlete’s foot but for gamers wrists.
Yesterday I was playing for 6 hours non stop and now I have gamers wrist. I need to rest it for a bit.
by Rampstop October 06, 2021
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