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Greatest North American video game trade publication in recorded history.

Created by Dave Halverson, it revolutionized western gaming magazines by using thicker, richly layered, ink-heavy pages with tons of photos and oftentimes humorously hyperbolic text ("eye-flaying, mind-numbing, A+++ action!!!"). GameFan alone began the now common practice of covering import/Japanese gaming with as much fervor as domestic products, and giving RPGs and niche titles as much room as the usual banal sports and action games.

Its eventual price hike to $6, not to mention the less than monthly frequency in which its deadlines were hit and, subsequently, magazines were shipped to readers, eventually caused its downfall, but not before shaping the business for years to come.

Notable alums include Halverson, Casey Loe, Dan Jevons, and Nick "Rox" DeBarres.
GameFan magazine had Phantasy Star 4 on the cover?? Oh oh oh, that is RESPECT.
by Neilmiser April 30, 2004
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