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A horrible place where there are biased morons who love to bash certain hockey teams(especially Buffalo). The so-called "vets" of this board, love to flame people for no real reason and think they are superior to the other posters. This board is also infested with bandwagoners, moronic fanboys, and multiple other people. Only a few of the posters are actually intelligent. If you want to post here, go right ahead. But do so at your own risk!
Board: GameFAQs-Sports and Racing-NHL

Topic name: Rangers in 4, Rangers in 5

BoU: that's what at least 70% of theh people on this board said before the series, followed by some crap that made them feel better about not picking the Sabres.

Don't let Sabres H8 cut through your logic next time, videogame NHL message boarders.

kaze60: Yeah, it's real hard to tell why people don't like Sabre fans.

BoU: Why hate me when you can hate the team? That is my point.

You people base your hockey knowledge on the fans that support the team. Keep proving me right.

kaze60: I could care less about you or Buffalo, but it's just the way this board works. Why it does really doesn't matter, just accept it and stop being so emo about it.

by King of Inland April 28, 2007
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