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The homosexual version of GameFAQs, designed by gay gamers for gay gamers. Only videogames with a direct connection to the gay culture are listed, and the forums on the site only allow discussions on topics related to gay people.
Why go to GameFAQs for a review of Devil May Cry 3 when you can go to GameFAGs instead?
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
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gmaefaqs is teh aw3s0m3st Pl4c3 EVA!
1337! BUT dont eva go to that gameFAGs place, its for teh Buttfuckas.
by That guy from gamefaqs February 11, 2004
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Gamefag (Noun)

1. A person who is a total dick to other players on an online or CO-OP/Split Screen video game and/or gloats and brags over their victories in the face of others.. Often occurs in FPS games such as the Call of Duty series.

2. A person who complains about how all the other players are being a dick to him/her. Again, often occurs in the Call of Duty series.
Shot player: "aw man..."
Gamefag: "HAHAHA! I beat you, I beat you!!! You suck cock!!!"

Gamefag: "OH MY GODDDDA! WHY DO YOU KILL ME ALL THE TIMEEE??? UGGh! You scuk! I hate you forever!"
Shooter: "Dude, it's just a game..."
Gamefag: NO IT'S NOT!"
by unohue June 21, 2014
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(1)- some one who never stops playing a game no matter whats going on.

(2)-some one who talks averything about that game and will bring it everywere ,normaly talking to the wrong ppl about it.

(3)-some one who trys but fails to do alot in a game , like trying to get to the next level but cant everytime.
i cant stop playing. , dude your such a game fag stop for ones.

hey guys did you ever hear of zelda , with the green guy with a sword . wtf game fag!

just one more level , just one more level. dude you still havint beaten lvl one , haha your such a game fag.
by gabeeee July 28, 2008
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