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Similar to one's frame of reference, a guy uses a game-of-reference to help jog his memory of something important that has happened, but he can't exactly remember when it happened or the circumstances surrounding it. This most always refers to some sporting event the guy was at or was watching. This is an especially helpful tool to recall mundane things your wife/gf tells you and expects you to remember.
John: "Bro, it's time to fucking pregame and slay some fuckmeat."

Tom: "Huh? It's 7:15 and we usually don't start until 9. When did we change it?"

John: "Don't you remember me telling you Sunday?"

Tom (after thinking a minute using football as a game-of-reference): "Ohhh ya, that was during the Packers/Cardinals playoff game. I remember you telling me right after regulation ended."
by SethC November 30, 2010
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