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The way to say "gamble" china-style. If you are in Vegas and deciding whether or not to put that $100 on the craps table; just yell "GAMBROOLL!!", shake your fist, and slam it there and hope for the best. That' what the local china guy would do if he were you.
"Foo, you want to gambrol wit me? Yo money too young; yo bank account need to grow up"

"Man, I just lost $25,000! My wife will divorce me, my children won't be able to go to college!" --- "Don't worry my friend, it was good gambrol!"

"Gammmmbrolll!! Gammmmmbrolll!!! Gammmmmbroll!" - (In order to entice a local derelect to put his bank roll on the table)
by Crack Fiend Jayfly July 05, 2009
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