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A caste in Indian society, slightly higher than pigs, but slightly lower than cows. Galoreans are known for their unique mating rituals involving the flailing of arms above the head. The savage behaviour of Galoreans is not recognizable by their attributes but their inabilities, which include: spending money, personal hygiene and consumption of alcohol.
Tell your children if you don't study really and do your homework you will become a Galorean.
by Big Wish October 31, 2004
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The highest caste in the world today, and what all other castes, particularly jutt sikh aspire to.
All people wish they could be galorean, but only certain people are born into it.
by Onlooker October 28, 2004
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A caste of Indians that cannot hold their liquor, below raj pute.
I pulled a galorean after 1 beer.
by Big Nijj October 29, 2004
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