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The original multicultural arts organization founded by Jack Gerstner in 1996 in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Gallery 701™ has been a huge success at bringing diverse and accessible cutting edge art and cultural events to the southern backwater, featuring jazz with Wynton Marsalis, New Grass with Sam Bush, Bluegrass with Tony Trischka, rock with Donna the Buffalo, Tibetan Monks from the Dalai Lama, Native American elders, dance, film, opera, belly dancing and much more. Not to be confused with the cheap immitation and ripoff "701 CCA" on Whaley Street, Columbia SC.
"GALLERY 701™ is NOT associated with the new folks at the 701 Whaley building!
Do not be confused, that is a separate
organization the that simply hi-jacked the name "701". We are the Original Gallery 701™!
Jack Gerstner’s Original GALLERY 701™
has no affiliation with 701 Whaley Street.
Don’t be confused, we sold the building and kept the name!
The building at 701 Whaley Street is guaranteed to contain 0% of the
authentic ingredients of the Original Gallery 701™
Accept No Substitute... Insist on Quality.
Gallery 701™ Bringing happiness to people’s lives through art, music, cultural events
and more! Since 1996."
by Jack the Giant Killer November 20, 2008
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