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A form of guilt feeling originating from contempt of Lady Gaga, prior to investigation. An early symptom of Gaga guilt is cognitive dissonance. Upon learning the true creative genius that Lady Gaga is, those who had misjudged the artist previously, develop emotional discomfort from the two opposing beliefs held simultaniously. Self-knowledge and disregarding the flawed belief alone, may not be enough to relieve the sufferer's guilt feelings. Especially if the sufferer communicated any of their original and flawed judgements. In such cases, it is recommended that the sufferer publicly praise the artist. Prognosis, for those suffering from Gaga Guilt, is good. Studies show recovery rates at 100%.
In order to relieve her Gaga Guilt, Tracy posted sincere praise and a link to Lady Gaga's site, on her Facebook Wall.
by GGSW November 19, 2010
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