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Gaasasunaru is short for Gaara x Sasuke x Naruto (i.e. Naruto:Shippuden or Naruto a popular Shonen Jump Anime TV Show or Manga series). Gaasasunaru is usually depicted in Fan-Fics, Fan Arts, and Cosplay. Gaasasunaru is a Homosexual or 'Gay' relationship between Gaara of the Sand, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki, Although the most popular pairings using these characters are Sasunaru. (Also Coplyed at cons)
Have you read that new Gaasasunaru Fic?!

Fangirl1: OMFG! Gaasasunaru! When did that happen?!?!?!
Fangirl2: Forever ago, I heard about it a Con. i forget which one though...

Gaara cosplayer: Gaasasunaru? Who is Uke, Who is Same and who is ultimate uke?
Sasuke Cosplayer: Gaara is Same, Sasuke is Uke, and Naruto is Ultimate Uke...
Naruto Cosplayer: ...hmmm...
by Anime~Fan~Girl June 20, 2010
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