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Acronym for 'Get Your Groove On'

Very popular amongst middle class youths, but could easily spread to all people - age, race, gender, location unconcerning.

Often used when something is failing, or looking to be bad, and needs 'spicing up', or to be made groovy.

The subject can be changed to anything: GMGO (my); GOGO (our); GTGO (their - not to be confused with g2g), the list goes on.
You're going to have to GYGO if you want to win this dance-off.

I think I might GMGO in a while.

I'm not sure if this party is going to be so good, looks like we'll have to GOGO.
by partytilyou'repassedout April 21, 2011
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Acronym for 'Get your giggles out'
Mr A : ''Laughter , best cure in the world"

Miss M : "Get your giggles out!!" GYGO!
by Minx! July 28, 2011
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