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get tough or die
origin: Coach Bob first time getting laid
Shelby: Thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.
Reece: GTOD
Majike: I GTOD and got on myspace for 72 hours straight.
Jacob: What the GTOD?
Reece: Why did u get ISS?
Kayla: Because i skipped school.
Reece: WTF mate? GTOD!
Dixon: My nimlocks got rammed. I need to GTOD.
by Valley Boy Reece February 07, 2007
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an abbreviation that means get tough or die. originated from Collinsville, Oklahoma
Cody: Ive missed all my shots in basketball today. What do i do?
Reece: GTOD
Announcer: Majike with the GTOD catch.
Jamaro: I broke my finger but I GTOD and went back in.
Merin: My putz wouldnt fit in her ass but i GTOD and ripped her ass wide open.
by Italian Cracker January 27, 2007
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