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GTIM - guy's time in the month.

a girl's way of saying "whoa, this dickshit's hormones are acting up!"

usually happens about once a month. sometimes once a week. for the really horny guys, every fucking day.

guy's don't understand what girls are saying when they say, "GTIM!" it's funny when they try to guess what it stands for. some boys have come up with, "got to instant message", or "good times in math". yes, extremely pathetic.

if you ever say GTIM and a guy asks you what it means, DON'T tell them. it's a girl's little secret. we want them to keep guessing.
John: "Boy, If I were Justin, I'd say yes to you in a second!"
Daniella: "GTIM!"

Ryan: "Hey babe, lemme see your tits."
Julia: "WHOA! Looks like it's Ryan's GTIM!"

Patrick: "Hey Taylor, can you pick up my pen?"
Taylor: "Yeah, sure." *bends down, shows cleavage*
Taylor: "GTIM much?!"
by dani & taybray February 03, 2011
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