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Usually used for people who are procrastinating or spending way too much time on the social network Face book. Usually pointed towards junior high kids and high school students who are bored. Face book usually makes your grades drop considerably and makes the task of one page homework 3 hours of homework/face book time.
Julies boyfriend told her to GTFOFB because she did not want to go on a date with him because she was too busy "on" face book.
by Sproondizzle March 22, 2010
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Get the fuck off Facebook. Gtfofb Can be used in multiple contexts. You can say it to someone who is on Facebook but should be studying, or you can say it to someone who has no business being on Facebook such as a 7 year old or a Twilight fan.
Bob- I should def be studying for my final
Tom- Then gtfofb ya douche

Sally- I love Justin Bieber, Barbies and Twilight!
Jose- Gtfofb you 7 year old
by they call me fluffy November 07, 2010
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