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Abbreviation for "Go suck your own cock!" An exclamation of exasperation, usually uttered when you want to finish a never ending argument. Inviting your nemesis to perform fellatio on himself, which for 99% of males is physically impossible, is a sure way to A) close a conversation, B) add to your nemesis' anger, and C) confuse him, esp. if you are both male, both straight and never demanded that you suck him off in the first place.
Mike: How about that G8 summit, they say they are going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020...

Bill: those bloody politicians! they personally create more greenhouse gases then a city block full of apartment buildings, what with their big cars, their private jets and so on...

Mike: GSYOC!!!!

Bill: WTF???? *visibly confused*
by pmbear July 12, 2008
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