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GSPNuthuggers are males who are infatuated with Georges St. Pierre, a French-canadian mixed martial artist. Many of the GSP Nuthuggers post on
Typical comments are:
“War GSP”
“You could see it in GSP's eyes when he came out, that he was ready to go to war!”
“GSP focused= dangerous mofo”
“Anyone know what GSP's entrance music was?”
“Who says GSP is still not the best at 170?
“man i love gsp.”
“gsp is back”
“Yeah Baby, Stuff That!”
“Amazing Sprawl!!!!!”
"They won't be able to handle his riddum"
"GSP lost to Matt Serra because Matt Serra used an illegal punch to the back of the head."

I’m sure you get the point.

If all these guys could get together at once, there’d be a dangerous manbutter slide from all the circle jerking these guys would do once they got together to beat their bishops while praising GSP.
The GSPNuthuggers are worse than the girls who used to attend N'Sync, Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block concerts.
by Chelsea Bucketheads August 26, 2007
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