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The term used to describe a skilfully selected blend of music. A play on 'Switching The Groove'.

i.e when a DJ successfully plays a set, or a number of DJ's successfully play a series of consecutive sets, sometimes with the support of an MC, that impeccably traverses musical genres in one seamless none stop blend, otherwise known as a mix.

Coined by Grooveswitch Promotions (also known as GSP), company well known and respected for promoting free music events in the South West of England.
Wow, that was one hell of a Grooveswitch, I love that DJ! It was a Groovy, Funky, Tough, Uplifting, Dark 'N' Dangerous, Genre Hopping Dose of Electronic Madness at its best!

You guys certainly know how to mix it up, that was a Grooveswitch to remember!
by UndergroundDance December 27, 2011
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