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Giggling Quietly To Self.
While in a public space, no one believes that you're truly LOLing (laughing out loud), but we will believe that you're chuckling to yourself.
Text received while at work: "I now have a ton of soup on my face."
Reply: "What did you do - fall asleep in it? You're narcoleptic now? GQTS."
by PixelatedGrace June 19, 2012
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Melding of GQ and QT

Usually reserved for babies, young boys, maybe butchy manish lesbians, and perhaps animals... Ah, who are we kidding, kids are basically animals, they piss on your floor, eat your food and make you clean up after them. /digression

Used when they are dressed in high fashion apparel and/or are looking especially dapper

Invented, by me, on 11/15/2013
Baby Mama: "Here's the outfit I'm taking Ben to have his photos taken in"

*text message comes up with picture of 6 month old baby boy in a cardigan and dress pants*

Baby Daddy: "Awww, he's a GQT!"
by RickCranium November 15, 2013
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