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a female of terrifying physical proportions, also commonly referred to as a HUUUUUUUUGE BITCH
requirements for a female to join the level of GIGANTOR WHALE include exceeding the height of 6'5 and exceeding the weight of 310 pounds

World-renowned uglybitchologist woo has been puzzled by the enigma that is the GIGANTOR WHALE for years now. He still does not comprehend their origin despite performing thousands of illegitimate, immoral experiments on them without consent. woo describes GIGANTOR WHALES as "indescribably huge." He warns the ignorant and loud-mouthed crowd that "the term should not be used lightly or casually even when messing around, becuase calling anyone who is technically not one would result in them killing themsleves immediately. It is a VERY VERY VERY rare term, only a handful of these beastbitches have been spotted in the last decade!"
what more can you say?
Bruce Lee: Would you fuck a GIGANTOR WHALE for 10 million bucks?
Jose Contreras: Fuck no! that bitch would crush me to death so I wouldn't be able to claim the money.
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
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