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A Worldwide Gang of over 390 thousand members. It's an infamous gang that has been linked to many streamer's disappearances and bans.

It started a few months ago as a joke but got out of hand and is officially the largest gang in the world overtaking the well-known MS-13 Gang (known for its ruthless acts.)

GGX Gang members will usually throw around terms "GGX GANG or GGX GANG GANG" to mark their territory and to let others know that they're being watched and could potentially be a victim. The leader of the GGX Gang known as "Dimitri Raymondo" or as members of the gang call him "Greekgodx" didn't know it was going to get this big and says he's proud and the gang will continue to grow and take over. The gang also uses the color/colour "green" as said by the gang leader a couple months ago when he was playing a game called "GTA: SA". While taking out other gang members and marking his territory he announced that the color/colour green will be the official color/colour of the GGX Gang. The gang is in its prime and is growing, becoming more ruthless and more brutal as the days go by.
by LilGachi May 29, 2018
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