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Short for: Go Fuck Your Fist

Or to tell some to msterbate.
Frank told Hunter to "GFYF", she cried.

"GFYF you prick!"

Sorry I did not get the phone, I was fucking my fist.
by FKIV August 04, 2006
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Go Fuck Your Face. This is an additional definition to the one previously listed, mainly used in writings but applicable everywhere. It was created by two very time conscious individuals. A more specific form of GFY (Go Fuck Yourself). These two individuals were concerned for the people receiving the GFY. They believed it left room for doubt and wonder. "GFY? Well, how? Where?" It wasted time and did not allow the giver of the GFY to fully enjoy the direction. Now you can clearly articulate exactly what you would like that person to do AND more to the point, WHERE you would like them to do it.

Letter: "Dear Bill, while we think your idea for 'Windows' is cute, but we are going to back our original idea of 'Top View'. As always we welcome new ideas to bring IBM into the next century"
Response: "Dear IBM, I'm a billionaire thanks to you telling me to shove it. Thanks and GFYF!"

It’s also sometimes said in it's entirety.

Player Z: “Seriously? ‘Zamilfied’ for 108 points?”
Player L: “Bro, it’s ‘Words with friends™’ not ‘Words I know with Friends’. Get over it."
Player Z: “You have the cheat app, I’m going home!”
Player L: “I don’t have the cheat app, go fuck your face dude!”
by Nameyologist April 22, 2011
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