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"God Bless The Internet"
Used as shorthand when somebody sends you a link or you find something to forward that is gross/cool/weird, and that you never would have known about if it hadn't been posted on the net.
Check out this 2-Girl-1-Cup tattoo some fool got:
by ginsoak March 02, 2009
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GBTI: Go Back To Italy.

Originated in the second world war and was said by American soldiers to the Italian Army as they retreated. The abbreviation has had a second coming, as Italians visit the world and annoy other nationalities.
Italian: I like the pizza good
Non-Italian: Come on! You've been here 2 years, get the basic grammar right, GBTI!
Italian: So mean to me
Non-Italian: You were allied with the Nazis in WW2
by McFlyNZ June 07, 2009
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