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Pronounced "Gee-Sus", G3sus is the creme de la creme of computer programmers, especially I-Phone apps. You want an app to wipe for you - G3sus will have it done by noon. You want an app to land infinite women - it can and will happen when G3sus is on the job. Cure world hunger, make world peace, make you rich - and yes - even turn water into wine - G3sus can make a program or app to do it.
John - "Hey G3sus I'm going on a date tonight and I want to impress the lady." G3sus - "Give me five...... (5 minutes later)..... ok, just load this app on your phone."

Next morning John calls G3sus - "G3sus you really did it .... the lady last night came home with me and we hooked up"

G3sus - "Awesome. I am awesome"

John - "But she told me she has the clap"

G3sus - "I'll get to work on an app"
by Disciple of G3sus November 12, 2010
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