An acronym standing for Google, Research, Analyse, Deadline, Unbind, Appease, Timetable and Educate. What the acronym stands for is a means by which people may study and undertake investigations for large individual pieces of work. This in short, firstly encompassed the use of Google Scholar and other Google products for researching similar previously done work and documentation. Next it involved having a focus on research and analysis while keeping to deadlines and being unbound by external or unnecessary influences, only to appease oneself for work done and for milestones reached and lastly, keeping to a timetable and, after finishing the work, educating others to help personal knowledge retention. The acronym was first used by Kudzai Sadomba at a student encouragement seminar at the University of Greenwich in 2009.
I use G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E in undertaking research.
by Abrahamson March 21, 2010
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