I assume it means Gorilla Unit 'cause that's what was printed on their shirts during SNL.
On a different note...I hope they're not ignorantly trying to reference a body part 'cause gorillas actually have very small "units".
by reese January 17, 2004
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when there is a yellow light on a traffic light, and you know its going to turn read and you are approaching it, you speed up so you are not stuck at the red light.
"Shit, that yellow is going to turn red any fucking second now"

"Just gun it, bitch"
by Zack July 12, 2004
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head of the group is 50 cent born and raised in Swathmore, Pa and attended the Friends Select private school in Philadelphia, later on in his life he got a record deal with Ja-Rule, but was later shot because he dissed ja and Ja paid a dude to shoot him, 50 then after being shot informed the police on who it was and got him locked up. Later 50 was then pulled by Eminem to be his new comodity and puppet, the made a new image for him A "Gangsta", they then decided to say he was from Jamaica Queens so he can compeat with Ja Rule about bein from the same hood, but was kinda silly to people in queens who never herd of him because he was never from there, after Eminem told everybody to buy his Cd, all the kids did it, now he is one of the best sellers in america, and now he also thinks he the best rapper, which is a little funny cause he cant even deliver one punchline, then he got 3 other rappers to join him and dick-ride him for the money.

and that is how G-unit was formed.
50 cent thinks hes the best cause he can sell records.
by Kick-backer May 08, 2005
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A shit ass rap group who suck ass and try REALLY hard to be just like 2Pacs group Outlawz, and regularly claim to be soldiers, gangstas, killers, and at one stage, Cripz
This "unit" or "krew" consists of:

$ 50 Cent, who claims he took 9, when he only took 3, and can cut glass with his nipples

$ Young Buck, who sounds like O.G Loc, and has traintracks
on his teeth and a square head

$ Lloyd Banks, who is pretty cool, because he actually doesn't go on about killing people 24/7, and is laid back

$ Tony Yayo, who thinks hes hard just because he went to jail for....wait for it....an UNLICENCED gun!! OH MY GOD!! Gee, that NEVER happens in America, oh god no, hes so hardcore. Did I mention that he's named after a drug that makes people retarded?

$ Olivia, who looks like a retarded asian transvestite, and cant sing for shit

& THE GAME!! Hell YEAH!! A westside Blood who was booted out because he made the rest of G-Unit look bad, and will hopefully murder all of G-Unit (maybe not Lloyd Banks)

$ Spider Loc, some wannabe who appeared on ONE track on the Get Rich or Die Tryin' soundtrack, and now thinks he is hardcore gangsta
"G-G-G-G UNIT!!"

50 Cent:
"Nah, nigga, It's G-G-G-G-Unowhatitis"

Some Guy Who Knows What He's talkin' About:
"Hell yeah, I know what it is, it's shit!!"

50 Cent:
"Nigga fuck you!!" (Pulls out gun from nowhere)


Some Bloods in an Escalade, holding Mac-10s out the windows:
"Yo fiddy, eat this you fucktard fronter!!"

RATATATATATATATATAT - 50 Cent lays dead in a pool of his own blood

EVERY single person on the face of the planet, including little kids hiding in caves in Afghanistan who never even heard of 50 Cent:
by Leon Arthur May 24, 2006
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Sorry to tell you this (Actually im not) but 50 cent's rap does in fact suck. Rapping about how he had sex with some random chicks, how is this meaningful music and why would someone care about it? A lot of kids listen to his crap (im talking about 13 year olds) and idolize the dude, why?

Because he is supposedly "Gangster" I ask you, what happend to any trace of good in the world, that kids idolize 50 cents gang? Do yourself a favor and listen to some real music.
Beethoven totally curb stomps 50 cents music all over the place.
by Not Zane July 23, 2004
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a group of no talent assblasters that are only liked because the people that like them are fucking retards.
G Unit is gay. he should have not lived after being shot.
by hill hestmeyer November 03, 2005
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