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A term coined by the late Slif101 of Washington D.C.
When 2 or more males have a sexual encounter with a female simultaneously. It has a documented effect of bringing groups of people together. Similar to a sports team winning a championship. Many argue that this practice is inherently homo-erotic, males participating in a shared sexual experience. The practice traces it's roots back to gang culture but there has been evidence of the same behavior in Ancient Greece.
Female Rights Activists do not approve of G-Squadding for it's chauvinistic tendencies, and the unfair treatment of the involved female.
we were supposed to try to g-squad her but too many of us showed up and scared her away.
by Documentarian September 30, 2005
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A small Gang located in Elmira, New York. Which is comprised of a bunch of middle school flamming homosexuals that have an interest in touching each other. One day two gay black kids said "hey wanna get a bunch of other gay's together so we can all "boof", and if anyone doesn't like us we can slay them with our gay tactics."
A kid from Horseheads- You kids are all queers.
G-Squad fag- yo... we'll try to beat you so hard we turn you gay.
by JSzewczyk February 08, 2011
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a word created by a girl named tori which represents a person is either
a. a gangster, g person
b. part of this group called "the g-squad". it has a select few g people, and it is by invitation only. that is right bitch. try me.
or c. meaning or implying to something that is g.
g squad is amazing. people wish to be a g squad
woah, tori is part of the g-squad
by tori is a g October 22, 2007
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The G Squad is an elite team of quickscopers, found only on the deep web to find them, tell Gaben I sent you. (all the stuff about homosexuallity are rumours spread by the P squad, our only enemy)
Dis kid gets bear rude fam! G-Squad 2015
by GSquadSpectrum September 20, 2016
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A group of real motha fuckas that got yo back when the deal goes wrong
The g squad wiped those crypts asses out bloods 4 lif
by RICK J Olsen December 12, 2016
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