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James: "Yo, dog, I saw my G'Mo yesterday. That bitch gave me money and cookies."
Bob: "My G'Mo's a babe.

Kristian: "My G'Mo was looking over at my emails."
Zach: "She be a creepy bitch."
by Casper360 December 22, 2013
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n. 1. genetically modified orgasm. 2. to have a fake orgasm.
"I just found out my girlfriend has been GMOing on me."

"Jenna Jameson is the queen of GMOing."
by mic dundee June 24, 2007
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Acronym for "Genetically Modified Organism" used to identify someone that is too cool/smart/sponcho/weird to be a real human. Entity/supernatural being who could have been originated only through genetic engineering techniques.
A - damn,look at that chick..she's so hoooot!!
B - yaaaa...she's GMO!!!

A - ..that guy's arrived ONLY 10min ago and he's having his 6th Jack!!
B - wow..maybe he's GMO;)

A - have you heard about the last Bolt's world record?
B - sure...he's too GMO!!!
by yosoybeachboy November 06, 2009
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to the ex girlfriend: "Yo! You said you were seeing someone else and i was kinda jealous,but that was before I knew he was g mo! Later
by upincanada November 06, 2006
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1. The acronym for "Genetically Modified Organism", such as corn.

2. The acronym OMG (oh my God) reversed to make fun of those who say OMG.

3. Basically OMG reversed, but with words to go with the letters. It stands for "Goodness! My oligarchy!" For those who don't know, an oligarchy is a system of government where a very small group of people control the whole government.
1. Ew, don't you know that what you're eating is a GMO?

2. A: Like, OMG, I got some awesome shoes!
B: Yeah, like, GMO...

3. A: How hard is the history test on ancient Mediterranean
B: I failed it...
A: GMO! How could it be that hard?
by JacktheShipper January 23, 2007
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