An Australian game, usually played on school camps or as a drinking game. In G'day Bruce, everyone sits in a circle. There's usually at minimum around 4 players, and at max 20 or so. Everyone's name is Bruce. The starting player turns to the person on their left, and says "G'day Bruce!" The person responds "G'day Bruce." The starting player then says "say G'day to Bruce, Bruce," pointing to the third person in the circle.

Obviously, it can get a bit confusing. It goes on like this until someone messes up (e.g, taking too long to respond, saying the wrong thing, using the wrong name, et cetera) and then their name changes to something else. In most games, the hierarchy is like this: Bruce - Steve - Gazza - Sheila - Binchicken. So when a Bruce messes up, their name turns to Steve, when a Steve messes up they become a Gazza, et cetera et cetera. Everyone in the circle has to keep track of everyone's names, which gets very confusing very quick. When someone becomes a Binchicken, if they mess up, they're out of the game for good.

The last person to have not become a kicked out binchicken wins. If this is used as a drinking game, it's the exact same but people have to take a drink everytime they mess up.
Bruce #1: G'day Bruce!
Bruce #2: G'day Bruce.
Bruce #1: Say G'day to Bruce, Bruce.

Bruce #2: G'day Bruce.
Bruce #3: G'day Bruce.
Bruce #2: G'day --
Bruce #3: Aw, mate, you messed up. You're a Steve now.

So on so forth.
by makkapakka-akkawakka June 30, 2020
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