The G-Body Shuffle is a term used to describe a characteristic of the 1978-1987 general motors G platform vehicles. (monte carlo, grand prix, cutlass, regal ,el camino ,malibu) In which upon a hard launch with enough power the vehicle swerves or dips to one side from unequal torque transfer. This is due to the triangulated 4-link suspension. the term is commonly used among Drag race folks. Note: the 1987 regal GNX did not have this problem as it had a ladder bar/ panhard bar setup
racer one: Yo mayne you see that cutlass murder that mustang? fucker launched hard. looked kinda funny though.

racer two: yeh bruh thass the g body shuffle. my grand prix does the same thang.
by feddup withurshit January 5, 2014
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G Body Shuffle is a term used in drag racing for a lot of GM cars from 1978-1987
by malibucru1 June 26, 2022
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