G Building is the Psychiatric Ward of Kings County In Brooklyn New york, The Late Ol Dirty Bastard Mentions Being Inside The G Building on 'Brooklyn Zoo' due to his Style Being The Craziest.
"In a g building,taking all types of medicine"
by Big U Dawg March 6, 2009
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The G Building also known as Kings County's Psychiatric Ward In Brooklyn New York

where multiple people in Brooklyn were/are sent after being arrested 2-3 times and they get drugged up and usually come out different then before entering side effects I've noticed is slight slurs , Addiction , and failure to notice addiction. (mentioned in Ol, Dirty Bastards Brooklyn zoo "in da G buildin taking all type of medicines because u thought u were better then...")
"man they took ty to the g building and he hasn't been the same since"
by The Real Breakdown June 7, 2022
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