The best way to spell the commonly used word "fuck" in any setting which uses nannybots to prevent swearing.
What the fyck?

Why is he fycking doing this?

Is this seriously fycking necessary?

Was there any fycking point in typing this out?

Fyck this fycking fyck.

Fer fycks sake.
by 7obias May 22, 2019
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When a friend shares with you (what he considers) sound advice, a fun activity, or deal. However, the end result turns out to be the exact opposite.
Friend: "Let's go to this expensive restaurant where there's a special right now. I have a coupon and it will only cost you $50 each!"

End result from friend: "I couldn't find the coupon, but let's order this expensive wine. What? The deal is over? Oh, looks like it's going to be $150 each. Isn't this awesome!!"

Everyone else: "Shit! We just got Fycked!!!!"
by Bottoms Up! November 21, 2012
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