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Originating from the Term, Swine Flu, it is when Someone thinks they have the Swine Flu, but they do not. So they go around telling everyone they have the Swine Flu for sympathy.
You: McCain said he has the Swine Flu!

Chuck Norris: Man that lying sack-o-shit has the Fwine Slu.
by Trawgdorrrrrr November 16, 2009
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When someone fakes having H1N1 to get out of going somewhere they don't want to go, like work or school
Al: "Hey Matt, where's Jon?"
Matt: "He called in and said he couldn't come to work today cuz he had H1N1."
Al: "That's weird. He seemed fine when we went to the bar last night."

Matt: "That faker. He's not sick. He only has Fwine Slu."
by cardsrule220 January 02, 2010
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