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It's really very difficult to describe a Fuzzbreaker but try to imagine Henry Rollins with AIDS, an annoyingly smug possibly franco-european, possibly just really punchable face with a certain stabbing-frenzy appeal, throw in a little abbrasive verbal-toilet bleach, add a twist of fart jokes with a tiny pinch of existential angst and you might get the idea or you might not even have come close.
Fuzzbreakers are rare but seem to become abundant very quickly wherever they settle, soon leaving for new pastures as they rape mother nature of all she has to offer. They usually congregate in small herds, electing a leader to represent them in their real-world business deals and social exploits. Fuzzbreakers are usually covered in thick feathers and all but the herd leader walk on four legs. In 1976 David Gillespie of the Royal Society for the Protection of Fuzzbreakers discovered a new breed living on a small island of the coast of Venezuala, the Fan-tailed Lesser Spotted Fluffsnapper.
by Ian Malcolm April 09, 2006
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