Shorthand for a combination of 'fury and rage' when displayed by individuals where it is comically funny when they try and express either one. Regularly expressed relative to something trivial or meaningless, an individual with 'furage' will generally out themselves by using either one, or both, of the words "fury" and or "rage" to punctuate their mundane sentence and to let you know exactly how 'furageous' they are.
"my driver had just called in sick, fury!" said Martin expressing furage for 5th time that morning.

"My uber is late again, rage!" said Gareth who had furage over the thought that be might actually have to walk.

"Fucking fury, rage" said Mareth who was "furagous" over not getting an instant email response from someone who may have a life beyond their computer screen.
by Student72 July 31, 2019
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Being furious and full of rage all at the same time,
Look out, she is furageous today....I think someone's gettin fired.
by furious boss May 03, 2010
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