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A woman, most often of the slut variety, that offers up her vajayjay to just about anyone, male or female. As peddler implies, such offerings of the vag are not without cost. The vag is offered for something in return such as gifts, fancy dinners, vacations or other means of enrichment. It is important to note however, that traditional Fur Peddling is not the same as traditional prostitution as it is not intended as a crime. Just a slutty ho's way of improving her lifestyle.
Rhonda: Tracy is such a slut. She is always spreading her legs for some Sugar Daddy.
Sandy: You are just a jealous bitch.
Rhonda: Your are right. Maybe I need to be a Fur Peddler just like her. Momma needs a lifestyle upgrade.
by Eaton Holgoode March 29, 2015
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