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1. Someone that always exhibits an attitude of fun and excitement in what he/she is doing. This person often is the life of the party and invited to events just because friends/acquaintances know they will have more fun if he/she is there.

2. Person lacking of standard excuses for not having fun or going out, such as: "i'm tired", "I have to get up early", "I have my kid tonight", "My spouse said i can't go out", "I drank too much last night"
Bachelor: Can we go home now I have a wedding in the morning.

Best man: NO! You had better change your funitude right now or no more dances for you!


Person 1: Man, last night was crazy.

Person 2: I know, Person 3 is the world record holder for "purveyor of funitude" (as measured on the official funitudity meter)
by Dick Turner October 14, 2009
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