A style of music that blends rock, jazz, ska and metal.
Footstep is a band that has mastered fulpy
by nqldcowboys November 4, 2007
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A unique 'social' shopping experience in a market which includes all types of fashion ranging from traditional, contemporary, modern, urban, rural etc. for males, females and kids.
The market we went to shop today provided us a Fulpy experience, with products from various brands, and experienced-buyer-assisted shopping through recommendations for best products!
by artsyindia November 4, 2015
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A social shopping app that helps a user discover, share and buy interesting products from across the web shared by other users.
Q. Hey where do you find such unique stuff ? I never find them on popular stores!

A. Fulpy Shopping! :)
by pjpirate January 6, 2016
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