A hollow, largely unfulfilled claim often made in the context of important Political, Business or other social conditions that require exhaustive and accurate detail disclosure for reliable decision making.
So, when did the president LAST test COVID negative, BEFORE testing positive?
Well, He's the most tested man on the planet.
Right, but that response doesn't answer the question.
The president would NEVER knowingly attend any event if he had tested positive.
Of course not. Again, that's not an answer.
This president loves America and would NEVER do ANYTHING to put ANYONE in avoidable jeopardy.
(Full Transparency: He was awaiting confirmation of a positive screening test when he attended SEVERAL large indoor gatherings during which the recommended social distancing and mask wearing guidelines were COMPLETELY IGNORED...and that's why nearly 50 White House staff have tested COVID positive)
by YAWA October 10, 2020
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