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v, Unit if measure for powered drugs; Used mainly for cocaine; Amount being approximately 7g on the metric scale of weight; FMS shorthand
Concept of calling 2 8 balls a Full Man Sac instead because of the direct image correlation of being 2 balls in one bag.(for a good laugh read origin)
Origin; During a more layer back Friday night of netflix and chill with a few close friends taking a few tabs, and doing some blow, to the movie Blow. The random topic of getting 2 balls should have a better name , just refering to it as tenders or balls is just get old. Since we are all guys talking about chilling soon and splitting 2 balls between 4 bro the term and I quote " Yeah, let's just get a full man sac" made total sence for a name for an amount commonly referred to and obtaining in ball or balls. After 15 minutes of tears and laughs, being just dude influenced calling two balls of blow a full man sac as a unit of measure just fit.
We have 5 bands before the band we came for plays, let's get a Full Man Sac (FMS) for motivation, and enjoy the whole show
by 989vocab September 02, 2016
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