A standard blumpkin followed by a rimjob. That's as much description as I'm offering; I'll leave it for you to do the math.
Asshole #1: Man, that marginally pretty hyper slut, Sally--you know the one who doesn't quite fit in and has all those horrible daddy and self esteem issues--well, anyway, she's so fucking messed up in the skull that I actually talked the stupid whore into giving me a FULL SERVICE BLUMPKIN about an hour ago!!!
Asshole #... other asshole: Was she drunk?
Asshole #1: Nope.
Other asshole: Did you get her to sign a consent form?
Asshole #1: Well, duh, moron--I mean I'm not some Neanderthal, troglodyte, rapist monster who goes around preying on vulnerable women, or anything.
Other Asshole: Well, sweet then. High five!
by Someone who misses their balls December 1, 2015
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