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A nerdish weeaboo from the Netherlands who enjoys stalking squirrels and stealing bottles from babies. This lonely asian boy has been known to suck @ g00nz and beg for donor after he loses a cw to nubcake br's. Fujibayashi also once stabbed a bird to death using a spoon (cuz hes asian) and drank its blood thinking he would gain the ability to fly. He then pursued his childhood dream of becoming the first pornstar with a 1inch penis. He was successful in becoming the first, but only starred in 1 porn movie, staring his cousin "Fujibaiichi".
kingsmokey: Yo fujibayashi u fucking weeaboo give me $45k for college

Fujibayashi: kk np kingsmokey ill give it to u cuz im a rich asian my family owns an oil rig
by TacoMann August 21, 2010
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