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Combination of two slang words: 'Fugazi' meaning fake or false; and 'Gasian' meaning gay asian male. Fake gay asian male - this is open to interpretation in two ways.
1) fake person (superficial) that happens to be gay, asian, and male.
2) Fake gay (not really gay) asian male.
1) 'The way Bernard acts around Richard is so fugazian'
2) 'Why is Trevor wearing Capri pants? That is so fugazian'
by Dale Kim June 12, 2008
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A fake Asian; a person of Asian descent who does not identify or engage in traditional cultural activities, values or languages. often goes hand-in-hand with the concept of being Americanized.

It is a play on the words "fugazi" (fake) and "azian" or "azn", which is slang for Asian.
Molly Yu is such a fugazian. She doesn't speak Chinese, only drives German cars, and dates nothing but white guys. What's up with that?
by whateverpeople November 23, 2008
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