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When you're a fucktard and spell the word fucktard wrong
Billy: you're such a fuckyard

Jean: I think you mean fucktard
by Kayrouse December 06, 2016
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A specific yard in which a vast variety of people go to engage in such activities as: blow jobs, sex, anal, double pentration and last but not least finga Poppin' assholes!
"Yea, billy Bob i'm heading down to the fuck yards"

"Did you hear they just opened a fuck yard down on 1st street"
by ovotho89 January 30, 2015
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Definition 1: A skinny person who looks like he came from a concentration camp.

Definition 2: Extremely retarded, edgy and immature person.

Definition 3: A backyard next to your house where a pair has sex at.
Type an example where fuckyards talk lots of shit.
by Kristjan6100 February 13, 2017
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