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Fu-cku-ppery (verb) {fuh-kuh-per-ree} : The act one engages in either intentionally or unintentionally, whilst aiming to get themselves well and truly fucked up. This may achieved through either;

1) a state of inebriation induced by overindulgence of either alcohol or drugs - prescription or illicit, or;

2) a state of personal and interpersonal apoptosis resulting from a lifestyle choice or course of action designed to bring about a fall from grace.

3) any combination of the above.

A period of fuckuppery may last anything from a few minutes, as in the case of Nitrous Oxide or DMT, up to months or even years in the case of severe occupational drug use, alcohol dependency, unwillingness to take responsibility for the consequences of ones own actions and watching television.

Whilst short-term fuckuppery can be excellent as social lubricant, stress reliever and dating aid long-term fuckuppery is very rarely beneficial in any way other than comedy value.
Now that's what I call fucking fierce, man. Ah well, never mind. I never did like that fucking evil blonde twatsack anyway. Merry Christmas and seasons fuckuppery to you and your kin!!
by doombadger December 22, 2010
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