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Definition: fucksnort (n): The queef-like sound a vagina makes during coitus when air is forced in by a penis or similar object and then expelled around the outside of the penis. This phenomenon is due to the combination of a temporary seal of air around the penis inside the vagina and a rapid increase in air pressure inside the vagina during an inward stroke of vaginal penetration. A fucksnort typically occurs during deep, heavy penetration and can be the source of a good laugh or an awkward moment, depending on the people involved.
Example: After several hours of mindless drinking on a camping trip up in North GA, Eli retired to his tent to nail this girl from behind, and she let out such a big fucksnort that John, Mark, and Joe could hear it in their tents. We all had a good laugh, and then Eli nutted in her hair. When she didn't complain, Jack explained that "some girls just want to get fucked".
by FatTails January 29, 2011
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