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A highly active and extremely negative place, full of many components all wanting to cause you harm.
Oh man, don't go to work today, the bosses are making it a real fucksalad.
by mark twangerang January 18, 2011
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(1) Pertaining to a combination of particularly unlucky circumstances which cause an individual to feel that they are destined for failure, or "fucked."

(2) A phrase used by people who do not enjoy or appreciate salad as a part of their regular diets, unless it is covered in ranch dressing, fried onion crisps, or so on.
(1) After getting a ride to class from a friend because he had woken up to three flat tires, Jack learned that he failed his psychology final. To make matters worse, when Jack's friend dropped him off at home, they discovered that the curb they'd hopped on the way to school was actually Jack's pet cat. Jack's friend looked at him apologetically and said "Sorry man, that's a real fuck salad you've got there."

(2) "Fuck salad," said Sheri, "I hate leafy vegetables."
by lcnasty April 13, 2010
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